Friday, September 2, 2011

Miss Emma Louise is 6 Months!

Did I really just type that?
 There is no stinkin way that my precious baby girl is a half a year old!!
Seriously 6 whole months, No Way!

And what are we up to you ask:

  • Weighing in at 14 lbs 8 ounces (25-50%) & 25 1/2 inches (50-75%)
  • Sitting like a pro; even the doctor was impressed.
  • Wearing 3 month, 6 month & 3-6 month clothes (oh & some 3-6 months still fall off my skinny minnie)...and this momma is trying to make her wear 6-9 month summer clothes so we at least wear them. Who cares if they're falling off or need a safety pin to hold them on, lol. 
  • Wearing size 2 diapers
  • Loving us some babyfood & cereal as long as fruit is mixed in (and our newest love = prunes/ yuck); getting ready to move on to Stage 2's
  • Very Opinionated
  • Crawling; not so good yet or even fast but definitely crawling
  • Rolling around like crazy
  • Sleeps 12+ hours at night. Takes a 2+ hour nap after morning fruit/cereal & an afternoon nap (yes I am blessed)
  • Still on reflux meds; we tried quitting but she seemed so fussy. So we started back
  • Absolutely loves her brother & he adores her right back.
  • Go back & forth sucking paci vs 2 fingers

And now enjoy a few pictures from our little 6 month photo shoot.

And I just couldn't help but post this one...Maddox was entertaining her.
She thinks her brother is the coolest & funniest thing!

Happy 6 months sweet girl!

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she is adorable!! way to go with the sitting/crawling!!


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