Friday, September 23, 2011

Oops...One last Winner & a Redraw

Thanks so much Brittney for pointing out that I forgot to choose the winner for the Bitsy Beau giveaway.
I am so embarrased...I have never one that before.
It's been one super crazy, exhausting week at work.... I'm so over it by this point.
I can't wait to enjoy my day off tomorrow.

So....the winner of The Bitsy Beau giveaway is Brittney (comment #100).

(I promise I really did plug it in to; she just got that lucky)

You have been emailed & have 48 hrs to respond.

and it looks like we need a redraw for the Daizy Bugz giveaway  is Angie Alford


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Wi said...

oh.. well I wish I could join too..

Wisconsin Dells said...

Try to joint to this some time..


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