Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Week in iPhone Pics....

Whew, another busy & crazy week...
but this week we were sure to stop and do some "fun" things which ultimately only ended with 2 sick kiddos 

Maddox & I took advantage of Emma's naptime and made some fun pumpkin cookies

My favorite running "partner" and the sweetest one I must add

And there's nothing like brother going in to help get "sissy" up...I just love these two and the sweet bond they have developed

On Thursday I left work early to take 2 sick kiddos to the doctor.
Poor kids both have bronchiolitis.
The pediatrician wanted to admit Maddox to the hospital  to observe however being I work with the doctors they let me bring him home to take care of. So after breathing treatments ever few hours for the last few days/nights I think we're on the mend.

Praise God!

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Running 365 said...

Poor sick babies! I'm glad they're on the mend now!


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