Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Weekend

Perhaps I should rename this post...because this is more like a week recap. But so be it.

Last week we took off in search for Maddox a suit...not an easy task. 
But after 2 malls & 6 hours later I'm happy to say we did indeed find a suit.

Strolling along in the stroller, aka the limo

And just in case you're in this area and wondering...Concord Mills DOES NOT have suits in a size 2T. Not  Strasburg, not Burlington Coat Factory, not Gymboree, not Polo, not Tommy Hilfiger, not The Children's Place...NOBODY.
And if you call Belks at Northlake they will ask you "what kind of suit are you looking for"? As if there's tons of kinds.... But just in case you're wondering Belks DOES NOT carry them.
However, Macy's & Dillards do.
So, just in case you're looking for a suit in a size 2T....

But we did enjoy stopping to ride the boat.

Then on Friday, I headed to Childress Vineyards for a bridal luncheon with the girls.
My very dear friend from nursing school got married this past Saturday. And I couldn't be happier for her.
I was so happy to be a part of her BIG day.

And me oh my was it a gorgeous place. Tara couldn't have picked a better place for a bridal luncheon.
The bistro where we had lunch overlooked the grounds of the vineyard. So, of course I snapped a few pictures through the back glass.

Check out the vineyards....

How adorable was her cake she served us?
And stuffed inside were charms...we each pulled one.
I pulled the here's to hoping my wish comes true.

On Saturday, it was wedding time! But, I must say there was no time for pictures.
I could almost cry I didn't snap any of my precious ringbearer
 (except this super blurry iphone pic). Hoping the wedding photographer got a few good ones.

And needless to say I had to drag the precious ringbearer down the aisle screaming for a truck.
Such a little boy!
We had gotten dressed in the nursery where of course there were a ton of toys....
and the poor boy wanted his truck.
And boy did he let everyone know it.
But afterwards he was perfect for pictures. Go figure!

On Sunday, we took off to our local pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin.
And of course snap some pictures.

I think Emma looks like such a little baby doll here.

And I love how Maddox is showing Emma the tractor...

And of course no matter what we told Maddox he still thought the pumpkins were balls.
So, I must laugh at this picture which was captured right before he tossed it.

Whew what an exhausting but wonderful weekend!

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