Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Tidbits & WINNER'S

Did you see the new giveaway I posted, HERE? And I'm sure y'all are all waiting for the WINNER'S to be announces...well here you go.

Emmi Loo's Giveaway.............Sarai
Sew Very Thankful.............Morgan from The Dotson's
Sassy Britches........Anne Nack
Puddin' Pies......Dawn from Mom-A-Logues

Also, please remember to make sure you actually follow. If you're chosen but don't follow via GFC you forfeit your chance to win.
Please comment here that you have emailed & contact me at

And talking about giveaways, have you checked out these awesome giveaways on some of my favorite blogs:

A Chance to Win a GC from HootyCutie Designs over at Mom-A-Logues
A Chance to Win a Sock Monkey Hat over at Mom-A-Logues
The Chance to win an A Dress from Rugrat Design over at Mom-A-Logues

and even though I just ordered 2 pairs of shoes for Emma over at Totsy last week I'm seriously eyeing some of the adorable finds on Zulily. And if I had a baby boy I certainly couldn't resist these cuties.

And too bad these were already sold out or they would've been ordered for sure.

And how cute are these Paisley rainboots on Zulily?
They seriously have some awesome deals & cute finds.

And I'm so sad that we spent Emma's 1st Halloween at home. Such a bummer for being sick. Not that they really care about Trick or Treating but it's the thought. I guess I will just have to dress them in their costumes & pretend like it's Halloween and snap pictures.

And talking about Maddox it looks like we're stuck with doing breathing treatments for awhile. As of Monday we have started on yet another treatment once a day + the other one we're still doing 3-4 x/day. But hey I know it's better than him going back into distress. In 2-3 months we'll reassess and see whether we should continue on them or stop. My guess is to continue. And the poor guy HATES them.

Any ideas on making it better?

And just a few pictures from the baby shower this past weekend....

These were seriously the most yummy cupcakes! The same girl will be making Emma's cake and boy can I not wait to taste it.

The sweet mama-to-be opening gifts.

And lately I've had such an itch to be creative...Pinterest is definitely sparking that.

And of course it's got me to thinking I can make all these things....

So we shall see...

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Sarai said...

I emailed you. Thank you so much!!
I hope your boy gets to feeling better.

Anne Nack said...

I sent you an email!

Sarai said...

Just making sure you got my email?

Morgan said...

I just emailed you!


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