Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Time of Year....

I have always loved this time of year and have tons of things to be thankful for. However, about 3 years ago it became extra special...and I had one HUGE thing to be thankful for.

For those that are unfamiliar with my story, Josh & I were married June of 2006 and a year later decided we wanted to start a family. I had always had "that feeling" that we would have trouble. Don't ask me how but I just knew. So after a few months of "trying" my OB-GYN told me what I had expected; I had problems. At this point I wasn't sure what this meant other than the fact that I didn't ovulate. So, soon afterwards Josh & I made the decision to start Clomid. A drug that should make me ovulate. The only problem was that it didn't. No eggs, no nothing!
So, on to the next step...seeing a specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) who right away diagnosed me with PCOS (polycystic ovaries) and started me on Metformin for insulin resistance. I was told that sometimes the Metformin in itself would help with ovulation, but of course in my case it didn't. I still didn't ovulate. Tests confirmed that my tubes were not blocked (a good thing), my thyroid levels were good...I just had PCOS and I DID NOT ovulate.
Which ultimately meant on to the next step, a new set of drugs. Femara to help produce eggs, Ovidrel injection to trigger the release of the eggs & tests to confirm that I ovulated. Luckily this regimen did cause me to ovulate but the bad thing was NO PREGNANCY.
Long story short... 1,133 pills, 10 injections,112 other hormones/supplements, 2 iui's and sometimes daily drives to Charlotte (hour away) at 5 AM 
on the day before Thanksgiving 2008 we found out we were expecting.

And on December 15th 2008 we saw our precious miracle

So, yes this time of year is EXTRA special because now I hold my two precious babies in my lap and
THANK GOD for my miracles. Just 3 years ago I saw those 2 pink lines that changed our life's forever.

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Becca said...

It's just heartbreaking to me to read of stories of couples that try so hard for a baby with no success. I am so glad that changed for you two!! Precious babies~

Anonymous said...

God is sooo good! I'm glad you have two precious children! What a blessing!

Shannau said...

Such a blessing! God is amazing. We all have something to be thankful for these days :)

CJ Sa said...

You made me cry! Your story is a wonderful proof that miracles exist. May God bless you and your family forever!

Running 365 said...

So sweet! I remember that day clearly and was so happy for y'all.

Rachel C said...

What a sweet story. This is a great time for all of us to be thankful for our little miracles!


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