Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from Year's Past...

There's something special about a first Christmas. And as we get ready to celebrate Emma's first Christmas I can't help but think back to Maddox's three years ago. It's almost hard to even imagine that this little man visited Santa for the first time.

And then last year the Santa visit went a little like this...

And this year he's talking about what all "Clause" is bringing him & can't wait to open the presents. I'm so excited about the many years to come and the traditions we're starting. I'm so excited for them to learn the REAL reason for Christmas and how Jesus was born.

Hope EVERYONE has a wonderful Christmas!
And I'm sure I will be back with tons of pictures of the kiddies from Christmas and of course tons of new giveaways to come including several this upcoming week.

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