Thursday, December 1, 2011

Soft Soul Baby Shoes Review & {GIVEAWAY}

I'm so excited to introduce you to a shop that has quickly became one of my all time favorites,
Soft Soul Baby Shoes. I was amazed when I came across their shop on etsy but I was absolutely blown away when they told me they had an actual website. Why you ask? Well, their website has endless possibilities for shoes and you actually get to build the shoes how you like.  And let me just say it is just as amazing as it sounds.

Honestly, you must try it!
You simply HEAD OVER to their website --> click on shoes -->click on a shoe of choice & start customizing
Oh, and did I mention they even have adult shoes!

They were so generous to let me build a pair for Miss Emma Lou!

I just love the fact that I was able to choose the type (boots, shoes), material (leather, suede), color of suede & color of fur and even the color I wanted her name monogrammed in. Plus, they stay on! No falling off at Target or anywhere else for that matter. Her feet stay warm & I don't have to worry about losing them.
Plus, you definitely can't go to the store & get the choices.

Let me just tell you a little about their shoes. They recently came out with a new concept for the soft soled shoes. They sew on a toughtek sold to the outer suede sole. Other shops are using toughtek but not with the suede sole as well. They put both! The toughtek allows the child to wear their shoes outside without ruining them.Even when worn in a puddle! The toughtek is waterproof. Definitely a BIG PLUS in my book!

All shoes are handmade in choice of leather or suede color. And they even make winter boots in any color, suede or leather. And my favorite is that they personalize them with a name or your choice of saying/date/etc.!

As you can quickly see, Soft Soul Baby Shoes is an amazing shop! They sell internationally and have even shipped to Russia, Norway, England, Australia, Switzerland, Israel & their largest client base coming from France.

Another amazing thing they do is, they put up their daily production on facebook. Customers are able to follow their order 3 days after payment.
So, you actually get to see your shoes before they even arrive!

The choices are endless but just check out some of my favorites that customers have built.
Love the trains!

And me oh my, how precious ar these zebra ones?!?!

And I just adore their fashion prints like these amazing boots!

How awesome are these Christening shoes. What a special keepsake!

And how perfect are these for your little man.

As you can see the choices are endless!

Simply head over to their website & build away!

And now
has the chance to do just that!
That's right,
is going


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Tales of a young mamma said...

holy cow cutest shoes ever!!

Brittney said...

I love that they have shoes for older kids!

LeAnn said...

I want to win these :O) so adorable & Miss Emma looks adorable in them.

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

I love the shoes!

Rachel C said...

My daughter need a pair of these boots - too cute!

Sarai said...

Love these shoes. Not very many soft sole shoes can be woren outside.

Anne N. said...

love the leather boots in brown personalized with a name.

Angie Alford said...

love that you can build your own

Megan (BehindTheForestDoor) said...

I love that they have bigger sizes! It is so hard to find shoes with soft soles for older kiddos!


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