Monday, January 23, 2012

My BIG boy

I knew the day was coming. Over the last week Maddox has been determined to put himself to bed or "Maddox do it" as he puts it. As he launches his little 29 lb body up and over his crib rail I knew it was about time. Or launches as is pulls his 4-wheeler over to use as a stool (handlebars and all) and pulls himself up & over. Funny fact is that he wouldn't climb out because he was afraid of falling. So, oh yes yesterday we switched his bed from his little crib to a big boy bed. Oh how the tears might start flowing. Just in the past 2 days my little babies have both became "big kids", yep that's right I'm officially claiming Emma as a walker (more on that later). But for now, my BIG boy.

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