Wednesday, February 1, 2012

11 Months Miss Emma Lou

Wow, in just ONE MONTH Miss Emma Lou will turn the BIG ONE!
And oh yes, the party planning is in full swing. Time to get those invites printed up. And boy are they cute.
How bittersweet. I have loved seeing her grow & do new things this past 11 months.

What we're up to:

  • Wearing size 3 diapers
  • Wearing 9 months, 6-9 months & some 12 month's
  • Weighs approximately 19 lbs
  • We finally got 2 teeth this past month
  • We've taken our first steps & I would say we're officially walking but still crawl most of the time because it's faster
  • LOVES to eat--honestly don't know a single thing she doesn't like. We're trying more table food. Loves avocado, macaroni, & pretty much EVERYTHING! In fact she usually finishes her plate as well as Maddox's.
  • We switched from formula to whole milk this month. No more bottles, only sippy cups.
  • Loves to play with Maddox, dance & talk
  • Still sucking our two fingers
  • Sleeping very well still; usually 14 hours+ a night and a morning nap & afternoon nap. What can I say, we love to sleep.

And of course we think she's a little princess.



Anonymous said...

shes is soooo cute! happy 11 months sweet emma

Kelsey said...

And a very cute princess, indeed! She's precious!

~Dawn~ said...

She is getting so big, yet still looks so tiny. What a little princess! :) Did she just LOVE that tutu?


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