Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tickled Toes Review & {GIVEAWAY}

There's just something special about the perfect pair of shoes. Whether your old or young who doesn't LOVE special shoes.
As a child my grandmother always made us a special outfit for the holidays and several times she included "special shoes" that she painted and adorned. I remember a pair of peppermint Christmas shoes where she attached little handmade peppermints. So, when I came across Tickled Toes it immediately took me back to that memory and how special it was.

Minnie Mouse High Top Shoes w/Zebra Laces & Monogram Clips

Sherri, the creative mind and artist behind Tickled Toes has been painting for over 20 years! Three years ago she started her business & she LOVES IT! Crafting has always been a part of her life. She wanted to find something that she could do and that she could be successful at. With that, she created Tickled Toes and has been running full force ever since! Nothing makes her smile more than making her tiny shoes come to life. She puts her heart into EVERY pair she designs and paints. Her biggest fans and critics are her twin daughters and her husband. Her wish is that you find a pair that makes you smile & "tickles your fancy"

Sherri was so kind to make Emma a special pair of shoes for her big day made to match her party theme and colors.
And oh my goodness are they ADORBS or what!

When I opened the package and saw these little beauties I knew I had found a new favorite shop. A shop that I can turn to for every special occasion and every Birthday. Time to start a tradition of "special shoes" for every Birthday.
Between the hand painting and the adornment of the ribbon bow these shoes are the most precious thing I've ever seen. And I love the fact that they matched her party perfectly. Everyone kept asking how did I find everything owl to match.

I'm so happy that they're a tad big  because I think I will honestly cry the day she outgrows them.
I can't wait to have another special occasion to order a pair! Is she two yet, lol?

And, perhaps you're wondering how do you wash them?
Well, Sherri includes a special card on how to care for them. She recommends spot cleaning because the washing machine can cause fading. But you can certainly clean with mild detergent.

What little girl or boy wouldn't love a special pair of shoes from Tickled Toes?

 Easter is coming and wouldn't your little girl look adorbs in these?

Hand Painted Bunny on Pink Canvas Lace Up Shoes

Or, how about these adorable lamb shoes!?!?
Hand Painted Baby Lamb on Mary Jane Velcro Shoes

 I promise everyone will be talking about how your little one is dressed to the "T".
Prince Charming Canvas Lace Up Shoes
From holiday shoes to everyday shoes she creates them all for your little girl or boy!
And she's even willing to make a custom pair for you to match whatever theme or outfit you'd like.

Hello Kitty Lime Green & Pink High Top Hand Painted Children's Shoes
And I promise you'll gasp when you open the package.
They are seriously that cute and so perfectly painted!!

And now she's offered to give

the chance
From her Etsy shop

**Giveaway open to US Residents ONLY**
**Please use the Rafflecopter Form below to Enter!!**

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Tales of a young mamma said...

those hello kitty shoes are soo adorable! Though they all are so it would be super tough to choose!

Jake and RaNette Free said...

hand painted?! I have never seen anything like them. LOVE!

Jake and RaNette Free said...

I would be getting the Football canvas shoes

And you can find your button on my blog!

leann said...

LOVE those shoes on Sweet Emma (Happy Birthday Emma Lou) Great giveaway!

Emillie Rose said...

I would choose the Girls Flower High Top Lace Up Shoes.
hispricess886 at yahoo dot com

Emillie Rose said...

Blog button - petersfamilyadoption.blogspot.com
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

Aline Grigorian said...

It's so hard to pick, so many cute ones! But I'd probably choose the ladybug or Minnie Mouse Mary Janes.

Devon F said...


Mrs.Smitty said...

I'd choose the monogram shoes for my youngest!

jdm2551 said...

I really love the Pink Zebra ones!

Jessi Greenmamajama

Shannau said...

There are several I LOVE! The Red Mary Jane Hearts one is one of the top few I like!

Brittney said...

I would choose the Hand Painted Flowers On Pink Canvas Lace Up Shoes!

Anne N. said...

love the Minnie Mouse shoes! http://www.etsy.com/listing/74070819/minnie-mouse-mary-jane-velcro-shoes

GoodnessGraces said...

Anything on the mary jane. I'd love the flowers done on the mary janes.

GoodnessGraces said...

I signed up for emails - thepreppypeshke at gmail

Lauren said...

I would choose the goldfish mary janes!!!

Dee said...

I will do a ladybug bday party for my daughter and ADORE the ladybug mary janes

ColleenMarie82 said...

I would choose the Hand Painted Flowers On Pink Canvas Lace Up Shoes

Laura Jacobson said...

I would choose the boys Firetruck & Dalmatian Canvas Lace Up Painted Shoes! So cute!
landfjacobson @ charter.net

Angie Alford said...

these http://www.etsy.com/listing/75423093/sale-hand-painted-girls-monkey-lace-up


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