Thursday, March 22, 2012

Emma Lou is 12 months (a tad late)

Before I totally forget I wanted to post Emma's 12 month post. I know it's a tad late, well almost a month late. But I wanted to make sure it was here so I could look back at it.

And boy oh boy were the 12 month pictures hard to capture.

Emma Lou is 12 months old or 1 year. We celebrated on February 25th with an owl themed party.

What we're up to:

Wearing size 3 diapers

Weighing in at 19 lbs 1 oz (18%). My little petite girl.

29 inches Long

Wearing 6-9 month, 9 months & 12 month clothing. I've  been buying 12 month & 12-18 month for summer.

Wear size 3 or 4 shoe.

Not only are we walking we are running.

You love to be held.

You suck your 2 fingers on your left hand.

You still sleep well 12+ hours at night and typically 2 naps (2+ hours each). What can I say you love to sleep.

You are eating "real" food 100% of the time. Honestly, I think you like EVERYTHING!

You drink whole milk from a sippy cup & love it. No formula or breastmilk for you.

You can say mama, dada, cup, hey, bye.

You wave, blow kisses, point.


~Dawn~ said...

Cute pics of sweet Emma! :)

You've been TAGGED over at Mom-a-Logues.

Anonymous said...

She's beauitful and growing like a weed!

Mitzi G. said...

OMG, she is precious & happy belated birthday to her. I have to tell you how jealous of you I am because she sleeps so much & so well........if only.


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