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Swaddle Designs Review & {GIVEAWAY}

So, I'm sure everyone has seen the game, Angry Birds, by now and know the craze it has produced. Angry Birds is the fastest growing brand in the world with over 600 million downloads. Boys, girls, men, women, grandmas, and grandpas all LOVE playing Angry Birds. In fact my 2 year old loves playing it. 

Everywhere you look you see it so of course it only makes sense to have baby related products as well. Well, recently Rovio chose SwaddleDesigns to manufacture Angry Birds Baby items. 

Just a little background about SwaddleDesigns:
SwaddleDesigns was founded by Lynette Damir, RN, Designer and Mom in 2002, and SwaddleDesigns was the first company to introduce the large square swaddling blanket to the US and many countries around the world. SwaddleDesigns is known for their premium quality fabric, fabulous colors and prints, decorative edge, and the innovative 123 Swaddle® instructional label that helps new parents master the art of swaddling. SwaddleDesigns blankets come in a variety of weights and are perfect for many uses such as a privacy throw for breastfeeding moms, a tummy time play mat, a cover over the stroller as well as swaddling.  

When Emma & Maddox were infants they LOVED to be swaddled which of course meant they slept better. And anyone that has been through restless nights with a newborn wants their child to sleep better. Because a better sleeping better baby equals less sleep deprivation for the parents. 
And not even to mention the safety of swaddling. 

Let me share a tad about their Safe Sleep Program.
SwaddleDesigns Safe Sleep Program strives to educate new parents and caregivers using the most current research to increase awareness of safe sleep practices and to help reduce the risk of SIDS. Many medical experts recommend a sleep environment of 65-70°F or around 20°C. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is an appropriate weight for this temperature range for most babies. Because every baby is unique and because no blanket can naturally regulate a baby’s temperature, it is important for caregivers to dress their baby based on to the current temperature of the room and their unique baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends dressing the baby in no more than one more layer than you are wearing to be comfortable in the same environment. It’s important not to overdress or underdress baby for sleep. Signs of overheating include sweaty back or neck, damp hair, rapid breathing or heat rash. If baby feels sweaty, remove a layer of clothing. Sometimes baby’s hands or feet feel cool due to their immature blood circulation which is considered okay as long as their chest, tummy and back are warm, not sweaty or cool. 

And now that Summer is upon us it s very nice to have a lightweight swaddling blanket such as their Marquisette Swaddling Blanket which now comes in their Angry Bird collection. Swaddle Designs was so generous to send us one to try out. 
And even though my kids are now too big to swaddle I LOVE this blanket. It's lightweight enough that I can throw it over Emma on these cooler nights. 

When Emma was an infant The Swaddle Designs blankets were my favorite. After the first few weeks I always found that the typical swaddling or receiving blanket just wasn't big enough to obtain a tight swaddle.
But the SwaddleDesigns blankets are best known for their larger than typical receiving blanket size. And they're square in shape. So, they help make the perfect snug as a bug swaddle. 

Plus they make it SO SIMPLE to swaddle with easy to follow instructions sewn on the edge of every blanket.  Check out their simple instructions HERE. 
Oh yes, because it's as simple as 1-2-3. 
I must say that the #1 question in Mother/Baby (remember I'm a nurse) is "How do I wrap my baby like that". Well, even though I love to show my parents how to it would make it so simple if the instructions were on EVERY blanket. And with The Swaddle Designs they are. 

Swaddle Designs also sent us one of their Short Sleeve Body Suits 

How stinkin' cute is that!?!? 
Not only can Momma & Daddy LOVE Angry Birds, the little one can sport it as well.

But wait, they have so much more, in fact they even have an adult size swaddle blanket, how funny is that.

And I'm in LOVE with their new colors for 2012. I so wish I had a baby right now to wrap in this lovely blanket. 

And now SwaddleDesigns would like to offer
the chance
bird OR Marquisette blanket

**Giveaway open to US & Canada Residents ONLY**
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Aline Grigorian said...

Would love this for my next little one :o)

ColleenMarie82 said...

I am due in July with our first son! SO this would obviously be for him.

Brittney Minor said...

I would like to win this to give to a friend for her baby shower!

meredith m said...

i would use it for myself - well i mean my kiddo. or i would be nice and give it to my friend for her upcoming shower

Alex Liz R. said...

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edwin c said...

would love this for my youngest dd, she needs something to keep her warm in the winter.

Rochel S said...

My daughter!

polly said...

a baby shower gift

Jessica said...

I would love to win for my baby girl
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

Devon F said...

I'd save it for my next baby or give as a gift :)

Anne N. said...

I would give this to a friend who is having a baby in July!

Shannau said...

We have 2 swaddle design ultimate blankets and LOVE them! Would love a new one to replace one of the 2 that we've had for 3 years.

Emillie Rose said...

Would keep it for our future nursery.
hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

Emillie Rose said...

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