Monday, April 30, 2012

I've been slack.

Why yes, I have been slack and I must say it's been nice. Nice to not worry about getting a post up. Just nice to sit back and do some other things. But it's time to do a little blogging and I have much more in store for y'all.

But first things first...this past weekend several good friends & I hosted a baby shower!
Our friendships go way back to high school so it's always great to get together.
And especially great to get together & celebrate the upcoming arrival of a sweet baby boy!
And because pictures help tell a story...

A Children's Book Themed Shower.

Green Eggs & Ham Quiches

And even though it was supposed to look like bath water...this exhausted Mom grabbed the wrong color of Kool-Aid at Target. The pack was blue but the flavor sure wasn' instead of the punch looking like a pool of blood red water I opted to leave the Kool-Aid out.

I guess next time I won't grab & run. Oops!

The guest of honor.

Miss Emma Lou rocking out at the party

And because the guest of honor grew up on a farm...this is exactly how the shower ended.

Feeding 2 day old calfs.

I think this was one of Emma's first baby showers to attend.
Such a special thing to be able to take my little girl :)


Anonymous said...

How adorable is that shower! great job! i love it!

Kimberly said...

Too cute! What a great theme. The Curious George straws are adorable.

Devon F said...

I love Emma's outfit! Adorable!!

Rachel said...

Yay! Y'all did such a good job and everything was perfect!


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