Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Emma Lou is 16 months!

Wow, so it feels almost bizarre to write that out. Really, how did my baby Emma get to be 16 months. Not to mention her brother who turns 3 in just a couple of weeks. Holy Moly!!

But, being it's been awhile since I did a month update on Emma Lou I thought it was time. I really hate that I haven't done them. If nothing other than for myself so I can look back and see what we were up to.

But nevertheless Emma Lou is 16 months (well almost 17 months to be exact)...

And everyday that I look into her room and see the girliness (ha, not sure that's an actual word). The pink & the ruffles & the bows upon bows my heart just smiles. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having a little boy but I love to dress up my little girl. The girly side of me really comes out & my wallet really shows that :(

We're up to so much these days:

  • Approximately 20-21 lbs
  • Wearing 12 months, 12-18 months & 18 month clothing
  • I just moved you into size 4 diapers today...because you keep peeing out of them. And frankly I'm tired of washing your bed everyday, lol
  • You talk up a storm even if we can't understand everything. You say: hey, bye bye, mama, dada, night night, cup, ball, Mimi, carry me, give me, and so much more
  • You're so smart! And I'm not just saying that because I'm the mama. Forealz.
  • You're such a girly girly (makes me happy). Overall you love your bows. Headbands not so much anymore but we have enough hair now to hold bows. You beg to have your toenails painted. 

In fact we have enough hair for pig tails.

  • You love to kiss your babies!
  • We finally have teeth. The first two starting coming in around 11 months. Then around 13 months (I believe) the top two started coming in. And shortly after 6 teeth started coming in up top. And then over the past month another bottom tooth started coming in. As of right now they only teeth that are all the way in are the bottom ones. The top front ones are almost all the way.

  • You love to eat!!! Not sure where you put it because you're so petite.
  • Honestly, I don't think there's anything you don't like.
  • You love to suck your 2 fingers. So sweet but I'd rather not have it in all the pictures, lol.

  • Oh, and you're definitely a drama queen. Very opinionated & you definitely know how to throw a fit.  
  • You sleep 12+ hours at night. Typically go to bed by 9:00 but sometimes you're so fussy at 7:30 that we lay you down. 
  • You take a mid-morning nap lasting 2+ hours.
  • You love to drink milk. I do believe it's your favorite.

My sweet Emma Lou, we love you so much!
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allie-mac-fallie said...

awe isn't she just too cute! :)

lnipaver said...

cute clothes and my niece sucks her two fingers, makes me think of her seeing Emma:)

~Dawn~ said...

ADORABLE!! Those piggytails are to die for. :)


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