Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HELP a Momma out!


Yesterday, I was upstairs while Emma was "napping" when all of a sudden I heard banging on her door.
Yep,  you guessed it the little monkey had climbed out and let me just say she's a pro at it.

And let me just add that Emma is one of those children that desperately NEED a nap.
But, how do I keep her in?

And needless to say last night was a LONG night.

Suggestions anyone!?!?

**Winner will be posted later for the Sealy pillow giveaway**

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Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Addison did the same thing. I ended up getting a zip up sleep blanket (Aden and Anais in xlarge) and zipped her up in that. She couldn't get her legs over the crib after that. Plus she was use to sleeping in them anyway because we used one when she was smaller. Maybe give that a try?

Dawn said...

Sorry I have no suggestions because I had both my girls in a toddler bed at age 1 1/2. But, this CRACKS ME UP! Look at that little monkey! hahaha

Anne N. said...

My girl jumped out at 18 months and we put her back a couple times and told her no. Luckily she stopped and called for us to come get her until she reached 26 months and their was no way to stop her so it was time for the toddler bed.

Rachel C said...

Yikes! I remember when my son started doing that, but I never really found a way to keep him in.
The sleeping bag is a great idea though!
good luck :)


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