Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maddox's 1st Field Trip

Yesterday, Maddox went on his very first field trip with his preschool class. And of course Momma & Sissy tagged along.
I'm not quite sure who was more excited. Just the thought of my little boy going on his first field trip was exciting. Maddox has been talking about it for over a month, asking almost every day..."are we going today?".
So, the day finally came...and of course it was freezing.

First of all..not quite sure what is going on with my pictures. They were right ways before I downloaded them. And for whatever reason flipped whenever I downloaded them to blogger.

Maddox with his class

Unfortunately Maddox wasn't able to participate with his class due to his asthma (straw/hay causes his eyes to swell shut and him to have an asthma attack) :( but they stuffed a scarecrow with straw.

Picking out his pumpkin

Miss Emma thought she was just as big hanging with cousin Paisley

Nothing like playing in the corn pit

And this was about as close as I could get on getting a picture of the two of them

Tricycle races

Maddox & Emma climbed up in to the "barn" or coloring room. I thought they looked so adorable sitting there together

Haha, not sure why he has his hands out. Guess he's pretending like he is holding a big pumpkin.

Such a fun & cold day!
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1 comment:

~Dawn~ said...

You are SO lucky to be able to participate in his field trips. I feel like I miss out on so much of this fun stuff having to work full time. :(

Looks like a great time. The kids look so excited about those pumpkins!!


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