Monday, December 17, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

This is our first year with our Elf on the Shelf...and I honestly planned on being super creative. But I have found that with my kids being young it honestly doesn't matter. They love it no matter where he is. Don't get me wrong I have definitely pinned all the elf posts on pinterest. And planning a super creative one for the last several days before Christmas. But up until now we've sat on different things & even rode the cow ornament in the tree and the John Deere combine in Maddox's room.
And he may be leaving a special message on the bathroom mirror tonight.

They both wake up every morning searching for our elf, Jingle. And Emma ALWAYS says "crazy" and that's "funny". He has brought so many laughs and fun moments to our house.

And I would love to say that he has made my children "little angels" but no so much. There's always next year ;) 
But he sure is fun! And I love starting traditions with my children.


Lacy said...

So true with kids so little they don't care to much. I think right now I'm having the most fun. They do enjoy looking for him and do laugh at what he has got into. Cute idea's here as well. :)

~Dawn~ said...

Our Elf has been a huge hit in our home. My girls are prime age, tho, for it to be very beneficial (they have been on their best behavior) and they get the biggest kick out of his shenanigans. :)


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