Sunday, April 21, 2013

Meet Hudson James

So, I realize I'm probably the only one that truly enjoys seeing this & reading Hudson's "birth story". Well, maybe there's a few of you that find it interesting, or at least enjoy the pictures. But in fear that I will forget pieces of it & the fact that I would like to be able to look back and read it again I'm going to share.

Early on in the pregnancy I wondered if I would make it to my scheduled c-section day (April 22nd) but as the weeks approached I convinced myself that  I would. I figured he had held out this long, he was going to hold out. Plus, with the planner that I am...I had figured out who my nurses would be, the doctor, the assisting doctor, the anesthesiologist & even who would be on the next day for the circumcision. I had calculated out my leave time & everything was in place.

I was almost through with all of the finishing touches. I had bought zip lock bags (to label what the kids should wear) & I was going to lay my kids clothes out. The perfect outfits for the days while I would be away. I was planning on doing that very soon.

There were only a few things left to buy (bottle nipples, nursing bra, baby book, etc.)

Well, so much for plans....

It had been a busy week; that Saturday we spent around the house but I had pretty much cleaned most of the day. I worked my last 3 shifts (Sun, Mon, Tues). Wednesday I had taken Maddox to preschool, Emma & I came home to cook for a funeral at church & then my weekly OB appointment. We finished out the evening at families house digging up trees to plant. Thursday after preschool we ran errands for several hours then finished out the evening by helping plant the trees.

Around 2 AM I woke up for my 3rd bathroom trip (I was 37 weeks 6 days). As I sat up I felt a tiny gush but as I made my way to the bathroom I felt a "pop" and it really started to flow. Still half asleep I hollered to Josh that my water had broken. We both knew what that meant, Hudson was coming!

I jumped in the shower because I had not washed my hair earlier that day & it was feeling pretty gross. I knew that it would be at least another 24 hours before I would be able to take a shower again. Plus, I wanted to look half way decent in the pictures.

I managed to take a quick shower & half way dry my hair before the contractions really started to hit. So much for straightening it & putting any makeup on.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:45...keep in mind we live 30-40 minutes away. By the time we arrived the contractions were every 3 minutes and I couldn't talk through them.

Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist was in another room trying to place an epidural which somehow took 1 1/2 hours. I honestly, didn't know how I was going to make it because the contractions soon were right on top of each other. As soon as one ended another would hit. I couldn't answer the questions, I couldn't sign the consents. Being Hudson would be coming very shortly, I was unable to take any meds. Later the nurses (my coworkers & friends) would tell me that they avoided my room because they couldn't face seeing me like that while I had to wait. Plus, they were scared I would end up delivering before I could make it to the OR.

I'm guessing it was around 4:45 AM that we headed to the OR...FINALLY!
Praise God!
I had never been more relieved to get my spinal.

At 5:11 AM Hudson James was born and I cried!
There's something so very special about hearing that first cry. As you're behind the blue curtain & can't see anything...all you do is listen for that cry. And there it was. Honestly, it wasn't much but it was enough for me to know that he was here & that he was well.

All along I thought he would be BIG. Maddox was 7 lb 12 oz at birth & Emma 8 I just knew that he would be at least 8 pounds. He had just felt so big in my stomach.
But to my surprise & everyone elses he weighed in at
6 lbs 12 oz
20.5 inches.

 Perhaps, I didn't have my makeup on & my hair wasn't fixed. I didn't even have any jewelry on. The kids clothes weren't laid out. In fact I didn't even have their big bro/sis shirts yet. My house wasn't in the tip top shape I would've hoped for. But Hudson James was here & he was perfect!

The funny thing was, I really wanted to deliver on a Friday...just not that one.

As much as we plan, God is the only one that truly is in control and he showed me just that.

Hudson holding his Daddy's finger for the first time!

My one wish was that I didn't get sick in the OR, well I didn't!
However, my bladder did get nicked which would mean that I would be sporting a catheter around for the next 7-10 days.
Plus, instead of the typical less than an hour OR time..I ended up being in the OR for over 2 hours. Yikes!

And I must say spinals DO NOT last for 2 hours! Probably about an hour and half in I started hurting.
 Luckily, with the help of  some drugs the pain subsided & I fell asleep.

In the meantime the hubs & baby Hudson were back in the room getting cleaned up.

So sweet!

Honestly, I don't think we ever slept that day. I dozed off & on from the pain meds but other than that we were pretty much exhausted. And we looked the part but it was a perfect day.

I pretty quickly changed into my monogrammed hospital gown from Posh Pushers. Perhaps I didn't have any makeup on & my hair wasn't fixed but I did have my cute gown!
Hudson wore his coordinating hat & the tie onesie that I had made to match.

We were so excited to show him off to all of our family & friends...

Hudson & Grandpa

GaGa & Hudson

Aunt Callie & Paisley meeting Hudson

Grandpa & Hudson 

And of course Big Brother Maddox couldn't wait to meet him

Maddox & Emma are both completely in love and seem to  be adjusting well

Such a whirlwind, but a great whirlwind!

All ready to head home!

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~Dawn~ said...

Such a beautiful birth story - thanks for sharing. :) hudson is perfect - Congratulations, again.

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

Thanks for sharing! Oh and I cried during both my c-sections... more so the second time I think since I knew what to expect and it wasn't a totally overwhelming experience :)

m&msmommy said...

He is SO SO SO cute! I am definitely going to need some cute gowns this time around...I always feel SO "blah" when I'm in the hospital recovering from my c-sections (a combination of hormones, having to be in the hospital longer than a vaginal delivery, pain meds, etc.) and I definitely think something cute like what you're wearing would REALLY help! :)

Thank you for sharing your story! I love reading about other womens pregnancy/deliveries! :)

Rachel said...

Yay! I'm glad I got you the story down "on paper" to share! I can't wait to see you and Hudson in person.

That Bald Chick said...

He's so precious! Congrats!


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