Friday, May 24, 2013

Allergies We Hate You

So, I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but Maddox has a pretty significant allergy to hay. 

And for those that have been following by blog for awhile may know that we live on a farm (miniature horses & llamas) in the country. Which means hay is pretty much all around us. Typically if he touches hay his eyes start swelling & it has been known to cause him to have an asthma attack. 

So, as you can imagine having an allergy to hay can be quite interesting for one that lives on a farm.

And for those that might not realize is also currently hay making time. We don't personally make hay on our land but being we do live in the country hay is made all around us. 

This past week we were playing outside & the wind must have been blowing just enough to expose him because this is what our outcome was...

**first I must say that we have never had a reaction when we didn't actually touch it so who would have thought**

Within an hour of exposure...

So pitiful!

Next morning....

But luckily after almost 36 hours of Benadryl we're almost as good as new. 


Aline Grigorian said...

How awful! Poor thing :(

Molly Bronson said...

Aww, poor thing!! I have extremely sensitive skin and broke out the other week for some unknown reason...maybe the wind blew something my direction =)

Kelsey said...

Poor little guy! Glad he's feeling better!


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