Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Day at the Park

I love taking my kids to fun places & love making the memories. 
So, while on my last month of maternity leave I want to cram as much in as possible. 

This week we headed to one of our local parks.
Just me, my cuties & of course Mimi (it helps so much having the extra set of hands).

Seriously, can't get over how big Emma is looking (and acting) these days.

First we checked out the ducks & paddle boats. We can't wait to go back with Daddy so we can ride the boats. 
I wasn't about to tackle that one by myself. I can just see it now as one of them falls off the boat. 

We all enjoyed the nature center including the new aquarium!

I can't get over how much this park offers...we went on a train ride.

which included 2 tunnels

We all (Maddox, Emma , Hudson (in the baby bjorn) & I enjoyed a carousel ride...

Emma wasn't so sure about it all but she says "it was fun"

The park even has a wildlife area where we saw the bald eagles, red wolves, bob cats, white tailed deer, 

and even black bears

We completed our park trip with the splash pad & playground which I must say probably felt very good because it was so hot!

Memories were definitely made & we can't wait to head back again. 

Moments like these just melt my heart. 

And because there was more fun to be had we headed for some fro-yo

Yumm, yummm!


~Dawn~ said...

OHMYGOODNESS....Emma's outfit is ADORABLE!!

Such a fun outing at the park! :)

Devon F said...

I just love the picture of the 2 of them holding hands! SO SWEET!!


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