Monday, July 15, 2013

The Time We Celebrated a Month Early

My oldest turns 4 this month! Crazy, I feel like I just started blogging and just started down the infertility road. And now look!

He had been saying for months that he wanted a pool party. A camo pool party to be specific. So, we booked it. Only thing is the only date that was available happened to be a month before his birthday. So what! He wanted a pool party and that is what we were going to have. We were all set for June 30th.

Only thing is, we have had a SUPER rainy June & beginning of July. We're talking 20+ straight days of rain. Yeah, umm seriously. So, the day of the party comes & the forecast is for rain.

But instead of canceling we decide to move it to our house. The 30+ people would just have to cram in.

Maddox had insisted on a camoflauge cake with a 4-wheeler, a deer & a gun...yep my little country boy.

It's so crazy to be celebrating a 4th Birthday! My little boy is growing up so quickly.

But we had fun regardless that our pool party was rained out. And we celebrated a whole month early.

Now, we will just have to head to the beach for his birthday weekend!

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Dawn said...

Such a bummer his pool party got rained out - but, looks like you made good use of your space and had a great time anyways :) The cake looks AWESOME!

Aline Grigorian said...

Looks like fun even though it wasn't in the pool! Happy bday to Maddox.


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