Tuesday, October 22, 2013

6 Months {Hudson James}

Wow, just as usual time is flying by here at the Houghton's. And one day I will find time to blog, perhaps. I struggle to balance working full time, keeping a clean household, cooking & 3 young children. Any tips?!?

And if time isn't flying quick enough Hudson turned 6 months on the 12th!
A hole 1/2 a year! 
Seriously crazy!!

6 Months

What we're up to:
  • Weighing in at 17 lbs even (39%)
  • 27 inches (63%)
  • Wearing Size 3 diapers
  • 3-6 month clothes & 6-9 months 
  • Eating babyfood for the last month which I'm making. Seriously proud of myself. 
  • LOVES rice cereal
  • Rolling from back to front
  • LOVES to sit in the walker & lay on the play mat
  • Such a happy boy
  • Still taking reflux meds. Too afraid to wean off
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours
  • Still an awesome sleeper. Sleeping 12+ hours at night & 2 naps during the day
  • Loves riding in the Baby Bjorn
  • Can sit for a few seconds before falling over. We're getting close.


~Dawn~ said...

Such a cutie pie! 6 months old already? How can that be??

Unknown said...

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