Friday, December 27, 2013

A Santa Trip

If there's one thing that I have to do every year for Christmas it is to visit Santa Clause. Only this time I have a very scared little girl. I mean she is terrifed!
But, so be it I was taking her to see Santa.

One of our local malls has the absolute neatest Santa display so last week we made one last trip to the mall to visit the big guy. 

While you're standing in line you get to see the polar bears, watch videos, & even play in a giant snow globe. 

Such a neat place!
They both enjoyed seeing the videos, bears, penguins & touching the "real ice".

But I think the absolute favorite part is the snow globe. We hardly ever see snow here in North Carolina so my children went CRAZY! In fact Maddox said he wanted to catch the snowflakes on his tongue. Being the snow isn't cold & I'm guessing some kind of paper I didn't think that was such a great idea. 

But nevertheless they had a blast. 

From catching it in their hands to making snow angels. 
Oh yes, we were covered from head to toe.

And guess who even sat on Santa's lap despite her fear. In fact you couldn't even tell. Santa was so good in talking her into coming up there so Hudson wouldn't be afraid. 

Until next year...

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Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

That looks like the coolest Santa set up! Love how she decided to go for Hudson :) Oh and her little outfit is too stinkin' cute!


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