Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Recap

Wow, does anyone else feel like Christmas just breezes on by?
All of the prep work and then it's gone within seconds.
I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY love Christmas so I am always so sad to see it go.
I love everything about it. From seeing the lights, to dressing my kids up in festive clothing, to hearing their excitement, to the Christmas movies and my list could go on and on forever.

But, Christmas is over :( until next year...

We filled ours with as much as possible. And because I'm behind on posting I'm cramming it all into one post.

A couple weeks before we took the kids on a train ride with Santa, Cookies & Cocoa. I'm not quite sure who was more excited, me or the kids. Haha.

Maddox & Emma had been talking about the Santa train for months so they were so excited to finally go...

Unfortunately Emma was absolutely terrified of Santa so no pictures for her.
But my sweet boys were ecstatic to sit on his lap (well maybe not Hudson but you know..)

Mailing letters to the North Pole

Emma was also terrified of the big blow up Santa.

And even though they all loved it this pretty much sums up our life with a girl...

This year was also Emma's very first year in the Christmas program at church & boy did she LOVE it!

So precious seeing your kids up front singing...and a little side story.

22+ years ago I sang in the same program at the same church. So special to pass that on to my children.

Next festivity...Maddox's preschool program which Emma begged to go up front to sing in. Next year...

And of course the grand finale...Santa came!!!!

And Momma & Daddy had a little mishap...
the kids were all snuggled in their beds. So we made a run across the road (to my parents) to put things together. And as we were creeping back in the front door who do you think was up?

That's right...Maddox & Emma. YIKES!!
And of course we had the big dollhouse & a few other toys.

He said "quick hide it so Emma doesn't see"
Next question "Where did you get those toys"

Oh you know, Santa was in a big hurry so he dropped some off in the front yard for Mommy & Daddy to help put them together.

Next question "Well, why didn't he eat his cookies"
Hmmm, good question...

He's going to come back.

Thankfully he's 4 so it was a good enough explanation. Maybe next year we will figure a better strategy.

But of course Jingle had to leave a little treat on his way out...

Uh oh, poor Maddox...but don't worry he sent it via Fed-Ex

We also held our annual brunch. This was one of the traditions I looked forward to every year as a little girl. So, I love to pass that on to my children.

We had a wonderful Christmas & I hope you did as well.

There's nothing quite like celebrating the birth of Jesus with your family!

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