Monday, February 24, 2014

10 Months {Hudson James}

How is it even possible??

Hudson James was 10 months on the 12th (yeah, I'm late)...

I just adore his smile. He has one of those smiles that seriously lights up everyone around. 
He is such a happy baby.

What we're up to:
  • Wearing size 3 diapers.
  • 9-12 months clothing 
  • I can crawl, pull up & cruise with furniture. In fact I can stand for a few seconds all by myself.
  • I LOVE my brother & sister. 
  • Such a mama's boy but loves his daddy as well.
  • Still only 2 teeth
  • Eating some table food; love bananas cut up, cheese, not so big on the advocado. Love baby puffs & finger foods. 
  • Taking an 8 oz bottle 3 times/day still.

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