Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy 11 Months {Hudson James}

Even though this post is late..which is becoming fairly typical to me. In fact in just 3 weeks Hudson will be turning one. And who doesn't even have a party planned, this girl. 

As of the 12th Hudson was 11 Months old!

How is that even possible?

What we're up to:

  • My guess is we're weighing in between 21-22 lbs
  • We can stand on our own but not taking steps yet (both brother & sister walked at 11 months), not complaining on that one though
  • We have mastered the sippy cup
  • We are starting to eat more and more table food
  • You love pancakes, cheese...well pretty much anything
  • Wearing size 3 diapers.
  • Wears 9-12 & 12-18 month clothing
  • A size 3 shoe
  • You're still a very happy baby; your smile just lights up everything.
  • We take 2 naps a day; morning & evening. 
  • Sleep so well at night still!

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Six Muddy Boots and a Vintage Purse said...

It's very hard to believe!

Unknown said...

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