Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jeep 2-in-1 Sport Baby Carrier Review {A Baby Necessity}

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Before I even had my third I knew I needed a baby carrier. But I also knew that the ones I had tried in the past left my back & shoulders aching. Not to mention I felt like I needed to be a brain surgeon just to figure out how to put them on. So, I needed a carrier...a good that wouldn't break my back & one that I could easily put on.

I was super excited to see Jeep was coming out with a carrier, the Jeep 2-in-1 Sport Baby Carrier

No one has time to buckle a million pieces. Let alone while they're trying to get a crying infant into the carrier...all while juggling 2 toddlers. So, it was time to put the new Jeep carrier to test...

The hardest part to figure out was slipping the harness over my head. Yeah, seriously not that hard but it did take me a couple tries to figure it out.

After placing the harness over your head you fasten the 2 harness buckles. Then you simply fasten one side of the carrier (whichever side you prefer).
The pieces easily slide in & click in place.

You can then place your infant into the carrier & fasten the other side. Unlike some carriers there are no buckles to fasten beneath your child which makes it super easy.

Tada, hands free! A must with 3 children four years & under.
Hudson absolutely loves to ride in the carrier. No fussing from him & he typically falls asleep. And double score with the fact that my hands are free to hold my other two's hands or chase them.

Infant can be worn forward facing or facing the parent.


  • 2-in-1 carrier allows baby to face forward or face parent
  • Cool-climate vent for better air circulation to keep baby comfortable
  • No assistance needed with easy-in/easy-out buckles and self-adjusting straps (TRUE, this has been the problem with other carriers I tried)
  • Soft interior fabric and leg bolster comforts baby while traveling
  • Extra-wide, padded shoulder straps help distribute baby’s weight (makes it comfortable)
  • High density foam creates a form-fitting shell that cradles different size babies
  • Carrier seat and leg openings easily adjust to grow with baby
  • Patent pending Secure-Fit indicator turns green to confirm a locked latch

  • I love the fact that I can easily put it on without anyone else's help. Nine times out of ten I am by myself so this was a must. I honestly couldn't go anywhere without a carrier. Not only is the Jeep 2-in-1 Sport carrier easy to put on but it is comfortable for Hudson & myself. The carrier has a permanent spot in my vehicle. I wouldn't want to get caught anywhere without it.

    BUY IT: Online at or for $44.00

    {Disclaimer: I was given the above mentioned product(s) for my review & host of this giveaway. I was in no other way compensated. The product itself didn't persuade my personal beliefs or views}

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