Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Some of my favorite childhood memories were Saint Patrick's Day as a child. When you went out to the playground or to lunch and came back to find your school room a complete wreck. The leprechauns had came. And this year I am brought back to those memories by my children.

Over two weeks ago the kids started anticipating catching a leprechaun. And have pretty much asked every day if it was Saint Patick's Day yet. So the day has came!!

They were careful to dress in green from head to toe. In fact Maddox made sure he even had green underwear. And I've been told you must wear boots to catch a leprechaun. Only because you may have to track through the mud or creek to chase one. But of course he would let him go after he took the pot of gold. 

And because Emma is snack leader today there must be green snacks. Green jello with cool whip & lucky charms, shamrock cookies & green juice: 

So here's to hoping they remember these memories like I remember my leprechaun  days 

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