Thursday, January 22, 2009

3rd scan

All I can say today for our scan was AMAZING. We could see the all the fingers and toes. I felt like if the Dr. would've frozen the screen we could've counted them. It was that clear! We were both in such awe. In fact the Dr.'s assistant was in awe too. I had the feeling she'd never seen a scan this far along (not that we're that far but it definitely looks like a baby by this point). She kept oohing and awwing. She would keep asking questions like is that the spinal cord? As you can see from the pic the spinal cord is very clear. We also got several shots of the brain....neato...RIGHT? And yes the little one was lively for the camera today...I think the caffeine beforehand helped. Oh, and the little one is measuring a week ahead. I think he/she may be taking after DH with the whole height thing. I guess our next scan will be the BIG one. I can't wait...I keep seeing all these adorable clothes. You'll all know how I am with the shopping, haha!

Also, a little bit more good news, I was released from the specialist today. It is hard to believe that I have went to them for 8 months straight. Sometimes 3-4 times/week.

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