Thursday, March 5, 2009

He's Already Spoiled

It looks like Maddox may end up being a little spoiled! Imagine that! He has already been showered with some great gifts. I'm a little late sharing a few of these but I still thought they needed to be shared.

Burp cloths and a super cute and soft paci holder
from his Aunt Callie & Uncle Brandon

A very cute frame from his Aunt Callie & Uncle Brandon!

Super cute shoes from yet again Aunt C & Uncle B.

Super cute/soft bibs from Aunt C & Uncle B.
I absolutely love these & I'm sure Maddox will too!

These were one of the very first gifts
after we find out we were expecting.
A set of golf clubs from G'pa Houghton.
In a few years you'll find Maddox on the golf course with his Grandpa.

A wonderful book from my mom! Karen Kingsbury
is a great Christian author and come to find out she
even has this children's book. I can't wait to read to my little man.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone! We love you!

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