Monday, May 11, 2009

Certainly Not Me!

I'm back once again for a Not Me Monday which was started by MckMama. Head over to her blog to see what everyone's upto on "Not Me" Monday Now on to what I've Not Been doing.

  • I did not almost cry this morning when I got called into work. I am not emotional because I am not pregnant. I did not expect this because I was not on call and we have not been busy.
  • I did not throw up my fist at the woman that blew her horn for me to turn right on red. And I did not walk into work with her this morning.
  • I did not eat a box of nutty butty icecream bars all by myself over the past week.
  • I do not cringe when I look down at my fat feet and I did not get a pedicure to try to take away the attention from the fatness.
  • I have not been to a baby shower for the past 2 weekends and I will not make it a 3rd this weekend.

  • I have not let my husband slave away in the yard for the past 6 weekends. And he is certainly not tanner than I am, that would be impossible.

I am not proud of my beautiful azalea and I would never take a picture of it.

I certainly was not terrified of the mother bird coming & pecking me as I trimmed the dead blooms off my rosebush. I certainly did not scream every time she hollared at me. Not Me, that would be embarassing.
I do not think these baby birds (those living in the rosebush) are the cutest thing ever. They do not have big mouths now do they?

I am not just planting trees after living in my house for 3 years. I am also not claiming that I planted them.

I am not impressed with all my husband's hard yardwork.

  • I was not overly thrilled to get my first Mother's Day gift from my husband. He also did not get me flowers because I did not tell him I wished we'd plant flowers. And I did not watch him as he planted them. I would certainly help him.

I was not overly thrilled when my husband bought me hydrangeas a couple weeks ago and I certainly am not taking pictures of them blooming. I have not longed for hydrangeas for years.

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