Friday, June 26, 2009


For those that haven't been prepared because when that day comes you become open for any 'ol comment. No longer do people have to watch what they say.

I thought I would tie up this week with a few things I've heard during it. Just gotta love it!

  • Are you getting 2 for the price of one? (Haha, not even funny)
  • While shopping at Kohl's.... "You shouldn't even be here. You're making me nervous. When are you even due..any day now?" I guess I should just become a recluse & sit on my couch and eat bonbons for these last 5 weeks.
  • From my Grandpa to my husband..."I'll bet you money there's 2 or 3 in there"
  • From dear Aunt Alma who's in her 90's..."They're just afraid to change her due date because they know it (the iui) took the 1st month and they're afraid of getting sued."
  • "You haven't popped yet"
  • "You're gonna have a big baby...small people usually do". (Hmmm...haven't read that in any of the text books)

Now, seriously I don't think I'm That BIG??????

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