Friday, July 17, 2009

Please Let It Be Soon

Oh my, we're so ready for this little man to come!
This past week I went out on the jetski...I thought it couldn't hurt. I'd heard that going for a horseback ride works so how much different is a jetski. I've caught some ridicule about this...but really ya'll it's okay. It was a week day so Lake Norman wasn't all that rough & plus our jetski is big enough that it doesn't bounce that much. Plus, whats the worse that could happen...go in labor. I'm in the clear zone now, so I promise it would be okay.
I'm off this coming weekend and I do plan on going for some long walks. I'm also contemplating the whole castor oil thingie. Now, I've heard about drinking it...but someone told me yesterday that their doula said if you just rub it on your belly it will work. Hmmm...not sure I could handle drinking it but I think I could handle rubbing it on.
I'm ready for eveyone's let's hear them!
And oh yeah, I was overly excited the other day at the doctor. I've lost a pound! Hey, it may not be much but it's a whole lot better than gaining. And for those that are curious I have started progressing. Not much...but every little bit counts.

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The Graham Trio said...

Haha...I can't blame you for riding a jetski. I would have done the same thing, but my due date was in a winter month.


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