Saturday, August 29, 2009

4 Weeks & Such

We're 4 Whole Weeks

Time is just flying by...we're officially a month old! Where does time go? Not only did we reach this milestone we also had our 1st "REAL" outing. I had been waiting till this magical time to expose him to the world of germs. Aghh! First we were off to visit Daddy at work & take him lunch. This outing itself lasted several hours because all of Daddy's work friends were just dying to meet him and of course hold him. It was such a wonderful visit! All of his coworkers just ate him up. His boss held him for hours. Then we even took a dreaded trip to Walmart (the dirtiest & germiest place of all) but we really needed some more newborn diapers. A few days ago I moved him to size 1 because we had used all the newborns. Even though he is in the weight range for size 1's his little legs are still so skinny that the leg holes were just too big on those size 1's. And then if that wasn't enough we went to Grandma Kaye's (Josh's mom) for a Signature Homestyles party.
I was somewhat fearful that I had overstimulated the poor little guy and that we would have a long night but.....GUESS WHAT....he slept ALL night long. I'm just so proud of him! Trying not to jinx myself though.


Running 365 said...

Yay for a full night's sleep! I bet y'all will be taking many more outings now. :)

The Graham Trio said...

Sleeping all night is such a blessing!!


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