Thursday, August 27, 2009

What A Night

Holy cow, last night has to be the longest night thus far. Sweet little Maddox was determined to not go to bed and he pretty much succeeded with that. He fell asleep at 8 something but then he was up again at 11 to eat. This woulda been just fine if when I would lay him back down he wouldn't wake right back up. So, finally around 12:40 he passed out....BUT not for long. Up again at 2 (which happened to be the longest stretch all night)! Pretty much after that he would sleep no longer than 15 minutes. We attempted to let him cry it out around 5:30 but that did NOTHING. So, my great and wonderful husband got up with him and around 7 he FINALLY went into a good sleep. And yes it's 3 hours later and he is still sleeping. Hopefully tonight will be a better night.

1 comment:

Taylor Elise said...

His pose is so cute in this photo! I hope you all get more sleep tonight!


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