Thursday, October 22, 2009

By George...

I think we've found our thumb.

Yep, I caught him with him sucking on his thumb this morning. It's so funny at night we lay in bed and hear him sucking away on his hands. Hey if they keep him happy I'm sure not going to stop him.

Up until this point we've been just a paci sucker but I'm starting to think we may just have a thumb sucker on our hands. I personally was one...and I turned out alright. Plus how do you really stop a 3 month old from sucking his thumb.


The Graham Trio said...

He is getting so big! :-( From this picture, it looks like his hair is thinning out and not as dark as it use to be. He is just so darn cute!!

Preppy Coastee said...

He is sooo, so cute! I love his name! How did you pick it out??

Stephanie said...

Thank you! Maddox is after my husband's grandfather's middle name. Renn (Maddox's middle name) is after my great-grandfather. 2 Family Names!!


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