Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm almost too embarassed to even admit this 9 weeks I finally took Maddox to church.

I have plenty of reasons why I haven't gotten there before now but still... I had wanted to wait a good 3-4 weeks before I took him anywhere really, this way he could build some immunity. Then that came & since then it just seems that one of us has either been sick or we were having pictures or just something. Then our service changed times to 9 AM, which I might add is hard to make with an infant. I know, I know bad excuses but either way we have finally taken him to church. And I just wanted to brag on him a bit...HE DID ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. He slept through the whole service! He didn't even wake up until it was all finished & Grandma took him out of his carseat. And then he was still WONDERFUL, he just smiled & laughed.

Now, if next Sunday can be this great! I would prefer to keep him out of the nursery...which will be quite hard being we have KID'S Church.

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