Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ouchies & Shopping Do Not Mix

Yesterday morning, Maddox had his 2 month Wellness Checkup which of course included immunizations (2 shots & an oral vaccine). Poor little guy! However, he did really well and only cried for a few seconds. The worse was yet to come (just keep reading & you will see). I'm also happy to say that the Doctor says his head is looking wonderful (For those that don't remember, click here). We have been diligently working on this for the past month. I've been placing him on his side wedged in between a sleep positioner so he couldn't sleep on that side of his head. And I guess it worked!! Hip, hip, hooray! He's also continuing to climb up the growth chart. We're now 25 inches & 12 pounds, 12 ounces. Yay!

After his appointment we decided to hit the mall. With cooler weather coming it was time to buy some warmer & bigger clothes. I knew this may be pushing it a little but he seemed to be doing great after his shots. Plus I had given him Tylenol that morning before his appt. But boy was I wrong...well actually he did well (really well actually) for the first couple of hours. Yeah, ummm I like to shop to you drop. About the time that we were almost finished he woke up & HE WAS MAD, poor baby's Tylenol had worn out. I quickly became the Mom that everyone is staring at & feeling bad for. I had NEVER NEVER NEVER heard him cry & scream like he was doing (poor guy must have been hurting). Nothing was working!!!! The store I was in felt so bad for me that they opened up another cash register so I wouldn't have to wait. Plus, I must have had them in such a frazzle or perhaps they just felt that bad for me but they gave me 2 headbands (for me of course) for free, they didn't even ring them up. I then preceded to attempt to give him a bottle, which only hushed him while it was in his mouth. Because he was screaming so much, I didn't get a good chance to burp him, YEAH BAD IDEA! As we were dashing for the door, BLLLLAHHHHHH all over my back (And yes I was wearing black). A poor lady felt so bad that she stopped & asked me if she could help me. She preceded to wipe my back off... and I think we left a puddle of spit-up all over the floor. What a trip!!!!

We did get some very cute winter clothes & shoes (I just may have to post some pics of a few of our finds).

I'm happy to say that we're now back to happy little boy that is smiling & laughing non-stop...I guess until our 4 month shots.


Running 365 said...

Ohhh...that is so cute and funny and I know it was NOT cute or funny when it was happening. Honestly, Stephanie, I would be crying after "the first couple of hours." How many hours would you have made it if he had been happy?! I literally laughed out loud. :)

I'm glad you were able to take care of his cute little head!

The Parker's said...

Poor thing! One day...sooner than you will laugh about it.
I gave up on ever having clean, non-spit up on clothes. It just wasn't in the cards for me. At least you had some nice people willing to help you out, though!!

The Graham Trio said...

I'll have to admit I laughed at this one because at this point in my life you laugh at things like this. LOL!! I'm so glad you were able to take care of his little head.


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