Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey ya'll,

It's me again! I just wanted to show you my new toy. Mommy & Daddy said something about it's my treat or something because I'm too young for candy, whatever that means. But either way I sure do love it. There's these pink thingies, Mommy says they're pigs, that I can bop on the head. There's even flashing lights & it sings to me. There's a cow, a horsie & a chicken & even a veggie garden. My legs can't quite reach the ground yet so Mommy had to put a pillow under them. But not much longer and I can reach because I'm growing like a weed, so Mommy says. It's just so much fun...I will even let you play with it if you come over. Well, time to go eat, I sure am hungry after playing.
Bye bye,

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