Monday, November 16, 2009

Week of Updates

WOW, I feel like I have been so extremely busy lately. With what you ask? Well, pretty much life in general.

The past week was a week full of Santa pictures, work (blah), baptism's, rolling, cereal eating, dinner dates, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating...but it has not been a full week of exercising or cleaning or laundry. I've really lacked on that this week.

This past Tuesday, as I mentioned before, we went for Santa pictures at a local children's boutique. He did great! For the child that smiles ALL the time, there was not a single smile but then again there were no tears either. So, I guess we're good in that book. The Santa himself was great, the real beard and everything. And they had the cutest tree in the background. They had used ornaments to create a snowman face...seriously you'll just have to see it.

Maddox, is still completely in love with his thumb. It seems that since the day he found it there has been no stopping him. I even have to pry it out of his mouth to eat. But isn't it the sweetest thing ever!

Also, this week he discovered that he can roll over from his back to his stomach...and there has been no stopping him there either. I mean seriously, the second you lay him on his back he is going to town. And when he really wants to move he just keeps on rolling....1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 times. This has posed a bit of a problem to the "Back to Sleep" rule...what do you do? I'm a bit anxious about this but I do figure that he has good head control so he's able to lift it up and away from anything obstructing. We've even started a bit of scooting... and I have a feeling it won't be too much longer until we're crawling.

On Saturday, we tried some rice cereal...shhh don't tell the doctor. We're not quite to the 4-month mark but he has seriously reached all the developmental milestones that equal eating. So, eating here we come! So far he doesn't love it but he doesn't hate it either. It's more like..."I'm not quite sure what you're shoving in my face." He does have the mouth opening down pat for the most part, when he sees the spoon he opens in return. So sad, my little boy is growing up.
Yesterday, my niece, Paisley, got baptized. We were all there, well except for Sydney who is off at school (sad she wasn't able to make it but not much longer & we'll see you). She did so great throughout the whole deal. It was such a special day for her & her parents. Not only was it the day Paisley got baptized but it was Callie's (her Momma) birthday. What a great day to get baptized.

The Fall decor has started to come down and the Christmas has started going up. I just love this time of the year and can never wait to start decorating.

What an eventful post...thank goodness I'm on low-census today. I was about to head out the door this morning when work called to see if I'd like to stay home...heck yeah! Not only that, as long as I don't get called in today, I'm not back until Thursday...which makes for a 6 day weekend/break.

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Suzette said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging comment!

I think there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with giving rice cereal that early! Kyah loved the cereal!!!

He is just so sweet, I love that pic of him sucking his thumb!!!


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