Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Close

After reading another couple's amazing infertility story I was reminded just how special this month is to us.

Just a little over a year ago, November 10, 2008 we were blessed with pregnancy after many many months of trying, driving back and forth to an infertility specialist, taking numerous pills & shots, and through many many prayers. Just to see how many pills I'm talking click here to remember. All those mornings of waking up & driving an hour away to the doctor, just to go back the next day are ALL worth it. All those months & months of dreaming of this, dreaming of holding a little one of our very own. Dreaming of getting up at night just to feed a precious child of God. Dreaming of being called Mommy and praying day after day to make me one. We truly have been blessed with the best gift ever, our precious little boy Maddox.

It truly was a struggle that we went through and everytime that I held someone else's baby I would have to fight the tears (which I have to admit was quite hard as a mother/baby & peds nurse). So, we're talking every day here!

This time last year we didn't even know we were pregnant yet. We found out the day before Thanksgiving...and this year we'll be holding our precious little boy.


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Keepers Photography said...

I cant believe its been a year and it is truly a miracle for you to hold baby Maddox and my Presley Kate. Enjoy your holidays being a new mommy. It is a special gift! : )


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