Friday, January 15, 2010


Seriously, why can't people at Baby's R' Us be a little more helpful. With Maddox reaching the max limits for the infant carseat we felt that the time had came to buy a "Big Boy" carseat. I had been looking & researching for quite awhile so I pretty much had my mind set before we even entered the store. My eye was set on the Graco MyRide 65. So, off to the carseat aisle we went...3 different choices in colors...and 5 boxes stacked up real high above the pink one. Zero above the black and zero above the other print. So, after FINALLY flagging down a sales rep who climbed up the ladder to check out the above said 5 boxes. ALL PINK! You've got to be kidding me, so after "confirming" that there was indeed NO OTHER boxes ANYWHERE with not only 1 but 2 sales reps we settled on a totally different carseat. Which I might add this was after Josh tried to convince me that it was okay to buy "Little M" a pink one...which it seriosly was not okay. His reasoning is it's "JUST A CARSEAT" and we REALLY wanted a MyRide.

So, after loading up this 2nd choice and more expensive carseat we almost ran in to a display in a center aisle with not only 5 but 10+ MyRide 65's in the color I wanted because they were on sale which was not displayed on the carseat aisle. And even better...I politely said to the sales rep who had told us that there the store was COMPLETELY out and he said "Oh yeah, those are the deco's (the print name), they moved them over here...I forgot" Hmmm...yeah that was what I was looking for.

Well, endless to say we bought the carseat we wanted & because they were on sale we went ahead and bought 2! No thanks to the sales reps.

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