Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did I Ever...

tell you how much we're enjoying our highchair that Santa brought. And let me just tell you how much easier it makes feeding "Little M". He is such a curious little boy, that he looks ALL AROUND which while we were still sitting in the Bumbo, things were getting a bit complicated. He would turn his whole body around which made me have to chase his mouth with the spoon which equals mess. And because it makes it so much easier to feed him we just purchased a 2nd highchair for Mom's house. Thinking he's getting a bit big to sit in his bouncy seat and eat. Oh & by the way WE LOVE to eat babyfood. I couldn't possibly imagine waiting until 6 months to start him on it. SERIOUSLY, I would have one unhappy baby which would turn in to one unhappy Mommy. In fact we've even started on a sippy cup. This was soon started after he begin going crazy to get EVERYONE's cup, can or water bottle.

And, also just let me tell you about the things that you NEVER think about before having a baby...

  • Which highchair to buy...there are so many kinds...and then again does it matter. Or for that matter which convertible carseat to buy or do you even realize that there are so many types & kinds of carseats before you have a little one.

  • What do you do when you go to the store with a baby. Do you load your "buys" in to the car first and then put the carseat in or do you put the baby in the car 1st because it's cold. And then if you do that how do you put the buggy back without leaving your baby stranded. resolution is to park VERY close to the buggy rack.

  • How does a baby wear a coat in a carseat...makes it a bit too snug.
  • How do you keep socks on a baby's feet?
  • How does he wear a cute outfit & people still be able to see it if he has to wear a bib because he drenches his shirt with slobber.

Hmmm...all the things you just never thought about.

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