Monday, March 1, 2010

Move It, Movie It

Despite the fact that this is not new news (can I even say new news...that looks really funny...but oh know what I mean). We are definitely on the move lately and I have been meaning to capture it on here it is. And since last week (when I took this) we are EVEN FASTER and even better at it. Just this weekend Josh says that he followed him up the hallway & followed the dogs to the door. And the other night I even had to put outlet covers in because you guesed it, "Little M" is messing with them. He has became such a "little stinker" lately and I love it. He is so much fun & absolutely hilarious. In fact his new "game" lately is.... he'll pull his bumper pad down just enough to peep out of the crib. So, when you go in there to get him or sneak in to do something there he is peeping out to see if you're coming. All you can see is a little eye peering back at you and of course the giggles that go along with it.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

He's really got that army crawl down! We're going to be home the weekend after next (12-14) so maybe we get together and I can see this in person!


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