Sunday, October 3, 2010

18 Weeks

Excuse the end of the day look & the fact that my makeup has worn off

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
Size of baby: 5.6 inches long and weighs 7 ounces. He or she is the size of a sweet potato.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ??? Afraid to know after this week...

Maternity Clothes: Still a combination, however I've decided to sport only maternity jeans/capris. Much more comfortable at this point

Gender: My gut still says girl but hubs is saying boy....  this is hopefully the week that we find out, so go VOTE now (top right corner)

Movement: Yes, flutters & flips especilly at night when I try to lay on my belly.
Food Cravings: Salty things (chips), sub sandwiches

What I miss: Sleeping all night without hopping up to pee.

Sleep: The insomnia has seemed some better this past week...fingers crossed.

Symptoms: Frequent potty breaks, still some occasional nausea. 

What I am looking forward to: Our ultrasound which is supposed to be Friday.

However, notice how I said supposed to be... I received the automated appointment reminder this past Friday and it looks like the office has my appointment written down wrong. Which is mighty crazy being the afternoon after I scheduled my appointment (A MONTH AGO) they called me to verify that they had the correct date (Friday the 8th). It appears they have it for Tuesday, which I absolutely can not go then.  In fact the only day Josh & I can both go is this Friday afternoon.  Needless to say I'm a bit ticked...and will be on the phone first thing tomorrow. 


Caitrin said...

You have such a cute bump! And I hope you guys get to go to your appointment on FRIDAY!

LeAnn said...

Such a cute pregnant belly. I hope they can do the us on Friday like you scheduled! I am dying to know lol

Taylor Elise said...

Oh, I hope you got your appointment straightened out. I can't wait to find out!


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