Thursday, November 18, 2010

As the Walls Go Up...

I'm so excited as our upstairs begins to look more and more like rooms....and I find myself thinking more and more about decorating them (because that's what I'm good for, lol)

A little refresher, here's the BEFORE'S....and ignore our treasures junk

And here is now (YIPEE, COMING ALONG)
The heating/air will be installed on Saturday

The Future Bathroom/ and Guest or Bonus room

Miss Emma's Room

Office Space

I'm also super excited about the great views.  You can see so much ! 

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Tales of a young mamma said...

Soo exciting!!

IrishPrincess said...

that's so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Your almost there! I am a new follower

Poe said...

Wow! That is going to be so great when it's all finished! What a view!!!
Remodels can be frustrating, hang in there!
New follower, please stop by, say hello and follow back!

Blog Traffic Man said...

I am your newest follower and would love a follow back on my blog. Here is the link: Thanks so much!! :)

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