Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap

Boy, did we have a fun-filled & busy Halloween weekend!  On Saturday we headed to the airport to pick up a dog for my Mom.  And then on Sunday...was the "real" fun.  After church we headed to my in-laws. My SIL was home for the weekend from college to celebrate her 20th Birthday.  And of course I didn't take a single picture of the celebration.  ::Gotta get better about that::

However, I did take pictures of Trick or Treating....

My super cute Brobee (minus the headpiece)

Thanfully we had a wagon for the little ones to ride around in...however I thought my poor back was going to kill me from picking "Little M" up and down from it.  Seriously the guy is getting too heavy!

By this point the kids were getting a bit too tired...
Oh, and if you're wondering yes those are coke cans in my SIL's hair, she went as Lady Gaga

Enjoying some of the goodies


Samantha said...

He is just too cute :)

I have an Olympus E-420 - I'm glad to hear of another Olympus user (everybody I see or hear about seems to have a Rebel) but I love mine :)

Rondi said...

Too cute! Love their costumes! New follower! Please stop by when you can. Thanks!


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