Friday, December 3, 2010

Show Us Your Life

and because I just love decorating my entry way for the Holidays. Unfortunately, however I am at work so I don't have any pictures here...but I did post awhile back HERE with some of my Christmas decorations...

plus I'm always looking for new & creative ideas to spice it up...

and I'm in love with this little flag as you lead up to the front door...

Of course, I've had to add a few things since then & have even made a wreath for the front door since then... too bad I'm at work without pictures or a camera :(

And while you're here be sure to check out my current giveaways (see top right corner).

Plus, I'm super excited for next week...a new giveaway EVERY SINGLE day in honor of the Christmas season.  So, be sure to check back...who doesn't love free stuff??


Grace Matthews said...

Cute flag.

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

Short poems said...

Cute little flag, lovely blog :)
Take care
Marinela x

Rianne said...

Nice flag! Where's the door=)


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