Monday, January 10, 2011

Wally is Here!!!

Remember when I gave you THIS little sneak peak???

Well, the time has officially came that I can spill it all & let me just say I'm beyond excited.
once again came up with something new & wonderful!

And I'm super excited to tell you first hand what all the buzz is about.

We were very lucky to try out our very own Wally the Wonderbug Activity Center
and even though Maddox is a bit too big for it he gave his seal of approval
for his sister Emma (expected end of February).

With the vibrant primary colors it was enough to catch my toddler's eye...

and even stand & play for a bit.  Which says a lot because he's always on the run.
I often find him standing & playing with Wally & all his toys.

If Wally can entertain my 17 month old he can certainly entertain your infant.
I can't wait for him to entertain Emma.

I only wish this was out when Maddox was younger.

With so many entertainers on the market it's so hard to choose but with
Wally having so many great features he's not just your ordinary entertainer:
  • Variety of developmental toys & activities to entertain baby
  • Wonderworm includes lights, music & sounds
  • Seat bounces & spins 360* for access to ALL toys
  • Height adjustable for growing babies
  • Dissembles easily for travel & storage (this is very important for us, because who wants to go on a week vacation without toys for their kids)
  • Machine washable seat pad (something else VERY important)
Wally is designed to offer hours of discovery & fun while being educational. Wally helps teach basic cause & effect.  Which is all very important in the development of your baby.
I know I want the best for my children, so I'm sure you do as well!

He's sure to be a big hit in your house for your little 'bugs'.

Be sure to keep your eye out because Wally & Wendy (his female counterpart)
are in the process of hitting shelves very soon at
Target, Walmart, Amazon & specialty stores. 

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